Money Where Your Mouth Is: Masters of Luxury


Masters of Luxury are so grimy and nasty, the Scene Music Department didn’t want to be seen in public with them; instead, they’re letting a guy from the band explain why you need to them this weekend. ... Band: Masters of Luxury Web: Hometown: Akron Sounds like: “Stoner metal meets stoner rock, to create one bi-polar badass mofo.” Recommend for fans of: “Down, Black Sabbath, Tool, Goatsnake, High on Fire.” Fun fact: “Your Doctor recommends one serving of Masters of Luxury every week in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you cannot argue with him, because he has a medical degree.” Playing Where/When: 9 p.m. Saturday, January 29 at Club Khameleon (626 N. Water St. Kent, 330-673-6606). With Fisticuff. Why you need to see them: Because $5 gets you all the rock/metal you can handle: free CDs, buttons, stickers and posters, AND I might even give you a lap dance…. if you ask nicely.” -- Tony, guitar


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