Oprah's fitness guru comes to Brunswick


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Bob Greene, best known as “the guy who helped Oprah Winfrey lose all that weight.”
At 11 this morning, a huge green tour bus stocked heavily with fruit, water, Slim Fast bars, and nuts pulled up in front of the Giant Eagle in Brunswick. Out stepped Bob Greene, the exuberant exercise physiologist known to millions of Americans as “the guy who helped Oprah Winfrey lose all that weight.” He is touring the country to promote his new “Best Life” diet, which centers on – huge surprise -- balanced eating. Brunswick was one of his first stops… It had already been a jam-packed morning. Weary of the inevitable weight gain that comes from spending hours on a bus, Greene was up at fivish to work the gym (“We are trying to only stay at hotels that have fitness centers,” says tour manager Bob Pallotta.) It had already been a long morning, with Greene appearing on multiple radio shows to espouse his life philosophies. “I hate resolutions,” he told Q104’s Wilde & Fee. “I’m probably the only health and fitness guru in the country who says that, because January is when every television show in the country wants us on.” At Giant Eagle, Greene signed books while his staff nutritionist took customers on a “healthy” tour of the store, stopping to pick up flat out tortillas in the bread aisle (lots of fiber and nutrition – without a lot of calories) and Slim Fast bars in the meal replacement aisle (Bob realizes you have to live a life that’s “practical.”) The goal of the tour, Pallotta says, is to show that having a healthy lifestyle is “attainable. Not only can you succeed at it, but you can buy the foods you need at places like Giant Eagle.” And, of course, sell books. After the signing, Greene will get back on the bus, perhaps bust open a bottle of Hint www.drinkhint.com (a new water beverage that has a “hint” of fruit flavor) and nibble on some almonds. Then it’s back to the turnpike and onto Detroit. –Rebecca Meiser


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