Meat from cloned pigs, coming to a store near you


Soon, if the FDA has its way, you might not know whether the frozen pork chops you found in the meat section of Dave’s Supermarket came from Porky – or Porky’s genetically altered clone, Petunia. Multiple studies by the agency have shown that milk and meat from cloned livestock are no different in chemical make-up than from their natural-born brethren. Rats fed a steady diet of cloned meat showed no health problems. And breeders of the cloned animals say that their meat is actually tastier and healthier, since only the most robust, disease-free animals are cloned... Not everyone finds the FDA’s decision – which is expected to be announced soon– so exciting. The Humane Society has petitioned the agency to ban these products, because of the moral, ethical, and public health issues. Also, eating cloned meat is kind of weird. At least one store has already vowed not to carry the product. “Whole Foods is committed to providing consumers with clone-free products,” a vice president recently declared. --Rebecca Meiser


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