Radiohead's London Show Ready for Download. And Don't Worry, They're Coming to Cleveland


One of our all-time favorite bands, Radiohead, played a free show at a London record store Wednesday night. We presume you didn’t make it. But through the magic of the Internet, you can hear the concert from the comfort from your own home, or office, or wherever you listen to probably illegal but totally free music on your computer. ... The 15-song set is available as a download here. But unlike the pay-what-you-want-for-it deal with the band’s latest album, In Rainbows, we can’t vouch for the legality of this freebie. Whatever. Enjoy it while it’s available. The set was loaded with Rainbows tunes like “Bodysnatchers” and “Videotape,” as well as old faves “The National Anthem” and “The Bends” -- which have gotten more layered and textured over time. The group's spare use of instruments -- keys, guitars, drums -- perfectly fits the somewhat claustrophobic feel of Rainbows. And it makes us way excited for the band’s U.S. tour later this year. And don’t worry: Cleveland is definitely on the itinerary. No date or venue has been announced yet, but since it’s most likely a summer tour and Radiohead is super-huge, we’re gonna guess that the concert will take place at Blossom, just like their last show here several years back. -- Michael Gallucci


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