Video of Joe Cimperman’s stunt at Kucinich’s office


As Joe Cimperman challenges Dennis Kucinich for his West Side congressional seat, the city councilman is quickly discovering that digging up dirt on Denny is as easy as finding Law & Order reruns on television. In the past two years, Kucinich has missed 130 days of work, and is rarely seen in Cleveland. So Cimperman has gotten creative with his campaign tactics to illustrate Denny’s neglect of the city we pay him to serve… First, he sent the congressman a “Welcome Home” gift basket, complete with a map of his district, just in case he needed some help getting reacquainted with the area. Kucinich wasn’t home – shock! – but his wife Elizabeth answered the door and promptly turned down the basket. She claimed her husband didn’t accept gifts from people “wrapped in Washington special interests.” We’re not quite sure what these “Washington special interests” are, but they’re presumably far more nefarious than the Hollywood special interests Kucinich gets his money from. A few days later, Cimperman’s videographer filmed the councilman arriving at Kucinich’s office with a Missing Person flyer (see video above). Again, Kucinich was nowhere to be found. Cimperman simply left the flyer with a secretary. But it appears that Kucinich didn’t appreciate the gesture. He filed a complaint with Homeland Security, accusing Cimperman of violating the security of a federal building by bringing cameras inside. It was an odd move, seeing that Kucinich blasted the Patriot Act because he was concerned that it would be used against politicians by their opponents. – Denise Grollmus

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