Brigade Tees on Sale for $30! (No, really, that’s a relative bargain.)


When Scene gave Clothing Brigade “Best $50 T-shirts” in the 2007 Best of Cleveland issue, the Warehouse District/Coventry hipster clothing boutique received it like a cake made from puggle crap. Turns out, they got other stuff too — t-shirts that cost slightly less than $50, jeans, shoes, jackets, all the usual suspects of clothing stores. And they were none too pleased to be noted only for high-brow t-shirts priced like they’re made from spun gold and decorated with caviar splotches. ... But let’s face it—everything Brigade has is expensive, feels expensive, and looks expensive. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? You wouldn’t confuse either of these guys, in their chic duds, for toll-booth operators. But now Fred the Average Style-Hungry Toll-Booth Operator has a chance to look damn good under that yellow vest. Clothing Brigade’s having a clearance sale on everything in their stores until February. If you buy one item, it’s 20 percent off. Two: 30 percent. Three: 40 percent. We did the math, and if you buy three of those award-winning $50 t-shirts, they cost only $30 each. That’s only six hours of carburetor dust per t-shirt, Fred! Visit Brigade in Cleveland Heights (1785 Coventry Road, 216-932-0700), downtown (1300 West 9th Street, 216-621-1700), or online at -- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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