The Flying Fig for Free? On Tuesdays, the Answer Could Be Yes


Cleveland Independents wants you to eat at Karen Small's Ohio City gem, Flying Fig. So they're offering to pay you.
Maybe in New York or Chicago, restaurants will rock tonight. But in Cleveland … on a Tuesday … in January ... well, let's just say that diners can use a little encouragement to head out and check out a new restaurant. That's why Cleveland Independents, an alliance of locally owned eateries, has come up with Dine4Free, a tasty rewards program designed to get you out of the house and into a member restaurant on Tuesday evenings. ... It works like this: Dine at any four member restaurants on any Tuesday night, turn in the dinner receipts, and earn a $25 gift certificate to a fifth Cleveland Independents' member location. There's no deadline for the visits, and you can eat out four successive Tuesdays or spread your Tuesday dinners throughout the year. With nearly 80 member restaurants to choose from – including such hot spots as Sergio’s Sarava, Flying Fig, Three Birds, and all Yours Truly locations – there’s no reason to stay home. In other words, Tuesdays are the new Fridays. For detailed Dine4Free instructions, and a listing of participating restaurants, visit the group's web site, --- Elaine T. Cicora


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