The Notre Dame College predator pleads guilty


Carl Wolfe pleads guilty to being the creepiest guy at Notre Dame College
In August, Carl Wolfe, a cocky former Notre Dame College basketball player accused of sexually assaulting at least six girls on the South Euclid college, left Judge Hollie Gallagher’s courtroom smiling. A jury cleared him of seven felony counts including, burglary, gross sexual imposition and burglary. They deadlocked on seven others. Wolfe swaggered out of the courtroom. Prosecutors vowed to retry him. Wolfe’s new trial on rape and felonious assault charges was supposed to begin today. But in a completely unexpected move, prosecutors received a call from defense attorneys late last week, wanting to talk plea. Seems the cocky athlete was no longer feeling so confident… In court this morning, Wolfe pleaded guilty to attempted abduction and attempted felonious assault. Sentencing will take place in a month, once probation officers complete their presentence investigation. The maximum penalty for the charges are 6 and a half years. Defense attorneys didn’t return calls, so police were left to speculate on Wolfe’s motivation for caving. “I think it was the confluence of the fact that the jury [in the first trial] hated him,” says BCI agent John Saraya. “And I think another half might have been financial. It’s pretty damn expensive going to trial.” In the meantime, police will be popping the champagne. This morning’s proceedings were “most pleasant,” Saraya says. Then he got out his cell phone and called the victims with the good news. – Rebecca Meiser


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