It's National Pie Day. That Means Free Pie.


Today is National Pie Day. But instead of partying our asses off, we’re hunkered over our keyboard, feeling confused. The problem? On the one hand, we don’t like to promote chain restaurants. (We figure they've got the bucks to buy their own ink, and prefer to spill ours on local joints hustling to make a go of it). On the other hand, we really, really like pie. So do we spread the word about Bakers Square’s National Pie Day promotion, wherein today’s guests can receive a free slice? Or do we stick to our principles, and keep the info on the down-low? Ah, screw it. You wanna free piece of pie? Click here, print out the coupon, and head to a Baker's Square near you. Just keep our name out of it. --- Elaine T. Cicora Read Elaine Cicora's restaurant reviews, food news, and comprehensive dining guide on the restaurant page at

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