Don't bet the dog: Eli Manning is jinxed


Official ruling from the booth: Abby McGrew, Eli Manning's wife-to-be, is not jinxed
Maybe it’s not Jessica Simpson’s fault after all. Right before the Giants playoff game last Sunday, Eli Manning issued a request to his fiancée, Abby McGrew. Though temperatures were supposed to reach -12 degrees with the wind chill, could she please just sit in the stands during big game? Manning, like Simpson beau Tony Romo, the Cowboys quarterback, was starting to believe his girlfriend was having a negative effect on his play. Seemed every time McGrew sat in a Giant’s luxury box, the Giants lost. So the two agreed that for Sunday’s game, McGrew would sit in the stands… But the bleachers were cold that night. McGrew felt sick. So unbeknownst to Manning, she made her way up to luxury box midway through the game and sat their till the end. The Giants won anyway. “I guess we broke the jinx," Manning admitted to New York Newsday. Or maybe he just skirted an initial jinx to get to a second, more ominous one. A week before the game, a picture of Brett Favre donned the Sports Illustrated cover, causing superstitious Packer fans to bawl. As any sports fan knows, bad things befall people who appear on the cover of the magazine, which is apparently an agent of Satan. And this is very bad new for Giants fans – or people who are betting the dog. Manning is on the cover of this week’s issue. – Rebecca Meiser


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