White Williams: Real Nerd of Rock Nerd?


White Williams: Bona fide dork?
Lots of new-school rockers claim they’re nerds. Look at emo: The whole damn genre’s filled with kids who not only got their asses kicked regularly in high school; they were proud of it! Besides, gullible girls are attracted to sensitive, nerdy types (look at Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.) So when an artist tells us he was in a nerd in high school, we just shrug and credit it to his desperate attempts to bag some susceptible MySpace cutie. But we've got visual evidence from the high school days of local electro-pop fave White Williams, who we featured last week in advance of his show at the Grog. We're just having trouble discerning his true nerdiness. This picture of Joe Williams (as he was known back then) comes from the 1998 Rocky River High School yearbook, when Williams was a freshman. No he doesn't look cool. But what freshman is? We need an official dork ruling. Anyone know Joe back in high school? -- Michael Gallucci


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