Picks of the Weekend: crazy Dutch dancers, nude models, and breakfast for dinner


Every Friday, Scene calendar editor Cris Glaser provides a random but reliable sampling of things to do this weekend. For more options, log onto entertainment.clevescene.com. And check back Monday for C-Notes' Picks of the Week. Friday: Dutch dance troupe ISH sets the Allen Theater stage (1519 Euclid Ave.) on fire this weekend with two hour-long shows of break-dancing, beatboxing, inline skating, bungee-jumping, jujitsu, and judo. To mark its fourth U.S. tour since 2000, the 12-member team calls the show 4-ISH as it combines dance moves and street-art techniques from its three previous outings: ISH, ISHsquared, and Triple ISH. And check out the show’s star, Sven ‘the Silent Assassin” Boekhorst. He’ll prove why he’s a two-time world champion inline skater. Shows are at 7 tonight and 11 tomorrow morning. A $10 ticket gets you a seat. Call 216-241-6000 or visit www.playhousesquare.com. Saturday: Cleveland shutterbug Joe Katonka is looking for 100 babes to strip down to nothing for his next photo shoot in the spring. If you’re game, hook up with him at his exhibit, The Other Side, at Arch Gallery (440-895-9995; 21562 Lorain Road in Fairview Park; www.thearchgallery.net). The 20-shot display will give you a clue into Katonka’s weakness for capturing nudity on film. “People who view my show will either say, ‘It was pretty cool’ or ‘That guy has some serious issues,’” he says. Catch up with Katonka tonight from 6 to 9 tonight. If you can’t, the show runs through February 23. Sunday: Now That’s Class bartender Crystin has been developing a devoted following since she started the club’s Sunday Night Vegan Breakfasts a few weeks ago. The meat- and dairy-free menu ranges from blueberry waffles to the Big Mac knockoff, the McClass, which is made with “fake” sausage, eggs, and cheese. The best part: nothing costs more than $3.50. Check it out at 6 tonight at 11213 Detroit Avenue; for more info, call 216-221-8576, or visit www.myspace.com/nowthatsclass.

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