Mic Check: Killswitch Engage at HOB Tuesday



Killswitch Engage shred through House of Blues tonight.
There’s subtlety and texture to Killswitch Engage’s music that you just don’t find in many other metal bands. Credit singer Howard Jones, who not only has the whole screaming thing down, but is also quite adept at, well, singing. On its latest CD, 2006’s As Daylight Dies, the Boston band piles on riff after riff, rarely forgetting to bring along some melody. Be sure to check out the wall-rattling “My Curse,” which sounds like two songs rolled into one. But these guys ain’t softies. Killswitch Engage’s two guitarists weave leads throughout the songs that are as complex as any played by their contemporaries. And there are times – like on “Eye of the Storm” – where the band unlocks and bulldozes its metal machine engine over everything in its path. Let’s see Five Finger Death Punch do that. -- Michael Gallucci Killswitch Engage, 6 p.m. Tuesday, January 29, at House of Blues, 308 Euclid Avenue. For a preview, listen to “My Curse” below:


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