Recalling Danny Green and a violent Cleveland


A call in response to “Cleveland is Getting Better,” January 23 I’m 74. I live in Lakewood now, born and raised on the East Side of Cleveland. This brought back memories. Lord almighty, it’s been 50 years since I’ve been at the Harbor Inn. I didn’t know it still existed. What I liked about [the story] is the little oblique references, people getting blown up in dentists’ parking lots -- Danny Green. I remember when I was working my way through college. I worked on the docks. Of course, Danny Green was the shapeup guy. He gave you a job for the day. It was an interesting time to live. There weren’t a lot of wannabes. These were real bad guys. How many times did they try to get Danny? Then one time a guy was able to park next to him and set off the bomb. Oh yeah, the Harbor Inn. As a kid, you’d go there and there were junk pickup trucks parked next to Jaguars outside. It was a very eclectic crowd…

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