Blog Launches “Sexiest Reporter in Greater Cleveland” Contest


WKYC's Maureen Kyle is among the finalists for Cleveland's Sexiest Reporter. Who's your hottest?
Earlier this month, local blog Political Science 216 announced it was holding a contest to crown the Sexiest Reporter in Greater Cleveland, because what else would a political blog write about during an election year? Now, we know what you’re thinking — journalism is a field whose most famous local faces are the not-so-Brangelina mugs of Dick Feagler, Carl Monday, and Mike Trivisonno. Announcing the hottest of the lot is like giving an award to the most elegantly dressed Bone Thug. As to whether this is just a shameless publicity grab by the blog, well, behold its stated rationale for holding such a contest: “Because it is important. Because it will be fun. Because it will be sexy. And because I know it will lure a ton of traffic to this blog.” It’s quite clever, really: announce a contest for the sexiest reporter, and watch the region's reporters plug the blog as they jostle for a nomination, much like WKYC has for Maureen Kyle. Naturally, we wanted in. When the contest was announced, 216 speculated: “The Free Times and Cleveland Scene should be given your consideration as well. I mean, who has ever seen a reporter from either of these papers? They all could resemble the cast of Melrose Place as far as we know.”
Rebecca Meiser, the Strom Thurmond of sexy reporters. Or something like that.
Actually, most of us look like Gary Busey after a four-hour knife fight. But we do have a couple of lookers on the payroll — you know, the types who worry about their abs, smell like potpourri, and eat pomegranates. In fact, Rebecca Meiser was even nominated by an anonymous reader of the 216 blog. But she didn’t make the final five candidates, because we forgot to rig the vote. (Sorry, Becky. But there are always write-ins! You could be the Strom Thurmond of bodacious reporters.) Who did make the final five? On the female side, Kyle, Stacey Bell (WJW), Angie Lau (WEWS), Melissa Mack (WJW), and Jennifer Murphy (WKYC). On the men's side, Kevin Freeman (WJW), Rick Jackson (WCPN), Dan Moulthrop (WCPN), Duane Pohlman (WEWS), and Paul Thomas (WKYC), all of whom are totally dreamy. Voting ends at 11 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday. -- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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