For $500, you can see Don Cheadle in Shaker Heights tonight


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Don Cheadle wants to party with you and your checkbook.
There are some perks to living in a state known for determining national elections. Or maybe there are just perks to living close to people who actually have money. You decide. Case in point: Tonight, Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle will be at a fundraiser in Shaker Heights for Barack Obama. You’ll just need 500 bucks to get anywhere near the guy. Deborah and Ron Ratner of Forest City fame will be hosting the party at their home. Co-hosts include county commissioners Tim Hagan and Peter Lawson Jones. If you can’t afford a ticket, you can always stand on the sidewalk and beg for change. It’s sure to be the one place in Greater Cleveland where no one can plausibly invoke the old “Sorry, I’m broke too” excuse. – Lisa Rab



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