Money Where Your Mouth Is: Babylon A Go Go


Catch some of Cleveland’s finest indie-rock bands at this weekend’s Woodchuck Fest. Click the video above for a righteous video of the super-hot rock duo Mr. Gnome, and read on to learn about Babylon A Go Go, and why they say you need to see the show. -- DX Ferris Band: Bayblon A Go Go, at the Woodchuck Fest, with Babylon A Go Go, Mr. Gnome, Flowers in Flames, and Kid Tested. Web: Hometown: “The intake pipe in Lake Erie off downtown Cleveland.” Sounds like: “Huffing dark surf-garage gas while listening to post-post-post modern-punk-dark wave garage.” Fun fact: “After 10 years in Prague, drummer James Pravda (Germ Free Adolescents) returns to Cleveland, to form the city's newest band with guitarist Mark K. (guitar/vocals, Morticia's Chair) and Marq Ire (bass, Germ Free Adloescents).” Playing Where/When: 9 p.m. Saturday, February 2 at Pat’s in the Flat’s (2233 West 3rd, 216-621-8044). Why you need to see them: “We will unleash 50 rabid groundhogs to see what happens ... not really. It's the world debut of Babylon A Go Go!”-- James Pravda, drums


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