The Midwest Teen Sex Show: Changing Sex Ed, One Bucket of Lube at a Time


Remember the good old days, when high school sex education consisted of plastic ovaries and condoms on bananas? Kids these days have it way better. The Midwest Teen Sex Show is an online show designed to educate teens about sex, run by a trio from Illinois and Wisconsin. And for once, this sex education speaks the language of the teens it’s trying to reach — it’s crude, ridiculous, and hilarious. ... In the Anal Sex episode -- "Backdoor Business" -- they spoof a cooking show to demonstrate the virtues of wearing protection. The special of the day? “Chocolate Peanut Butter Wiener Surprise." Subtlety, it seems, is not the show's calling card. In “Older Boyfriend," the viewer is warned: “If you’re in junior high and you’re dating somebody who’s out of high school, he’s a pedophile. And pedophilia is a disease. Would you date someone with cancer? No!” (The show's first effort, about female masturbation, is above). Naturally, the MTSS has gotten a lot of publicity, most recently on the CBS Evening News. But amazingly, there’s been little conservative uproar. Specifically, Bill O’Reilly has yet to call anybody associated with the show a scum bucket. Maybe the days of the plastic ovary really are over. -- Gus Garcia Roberts

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