Money Where Your Mouth Is: Red Wanting Blue


C-Notes' music junkies are presently camped out at McCarthy’s Ale House in the Flats, poised to get good seats at the bar for Sunday’s Super Bowl party. Instead of writing up Columbus' earthy alt-rock cult heroes Red Wanting Blue, we're just passing the virtual mic to frontman Scott Terry to explain why they're worth your time tomorrow night. ... Band: Red Wanting Blue Web: Hometown: Columbus, OH Sounds like: “Trouble, or a combo platter of America.” Recommend for fans of: “Oxygen, winter, and general living.” Fun fact: “We’ve been told an elite troop of paratroopers jump listening to our song ‘Venue 55.’ Go Army!” Playing Where/When: Friday, February 1 at Fat Jimmy’s (244 N. Water St., Kent, 330-678-2774). Why you need to see them: “There is an unexplainable honesty to our shows.” -- Scott Terry, singer and ukulele virtuoso


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