Scene's D.X. Ferris authors book on Slayer


Scene Clubs Editor D.X. Ferris will be making his literary debut when his book Reign In Blood is released by Continumm books this April. The book carefully dissects Slayer’s seminal album Reign In Blood, considered by metal aficionados to be one of the best extreme metal album ever. Here’s a quote Ferris scooped up from Henry Rollins: ...
“Slayer have as much integrity as these hipster bands who carp on and on about integrity,” says Henry Rollins. “They just go out and make that record and do that tour. They don’t talk about integrity. They don’t need to. And that’s what gives Slayer undeniable power, unimpeachable credibility. If you notice, the people that are into Slayer, you can’t convince them there’s any better thing to be doing on that night. And it’s for good reason: because Slayer’s never sold out.”
Ferris’ book is part of the critically acclaimed Continuum Books series, 33 1/3, which contains more than 75 titles, each focusing on a different album, from Dusty Springfield’s Dusty in Memphis to The Smiths Meat is Murder. No two books have the same format. Some painfully transcribe the technicalities of producing an album, while others are simply essays inspired by the record. Rolling Stone describes the series as “ideal for the rock geek who thinks liner notes just aren’t enough.” And The New York Times Book gives the series props, calling it freewheeling and eclectic, ranging from minute rock-geek analysis to idiosyncratic personal celebration.” Ferris hunted down 45 musicians (from Rollins to Slipknot) and producers. His is the first in the series to focus on metal, a much-maligned genre amongst music snobs. Here’s a taste of what’s to come: The controversial album remains the golden standard for extreme heavy metal. It’s a seamless procession of 10 blindingly fast songs in just 29 minutes, delivered in furious bursts of instrumental precision, with lyrics so striking that Tori Amos was moved to record a cover. Pre-order your copy here. -- Denise Grollmus


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