Bill Mason’s plot to ruin the Metroparks


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If Mason has his way, say goodbye to the Metroparks
In case you missed it, the Plain Dealer’s Brent Larkin wrote a superb column in Sunday’s paper illuminating the twisted way in which judges are elected in Cuyahoga County. At issue is Municipal Judge Kathleen Keough’s candidacy for a seat on the county Probate Court. It may seem like an inconsequential post, but the court controls the Metroparks, arguably the only gem in a county government anchored by corruption and incompetence. Writes Larkin:
Cuyahoga County voters have every right to worry that the retirement of Probate Judge John Donnelly will open the door to Democratic Party meddling with the Metroparks -- meddling that turns a treasured asset into another two-bit patronage pit…
Now Keough has accused Prosecutor Bill Mason of trying to rig the election. She claims that Mason has recruited two other women -- Bernadette Marshall and Laura Gallagher – to appear on the ballot, hoping they’ll dilute the women’s vote, thus handing the job to Mason’s favored candidate, Thomas O'Donnell. It isn’t the first time Mason’s meddled in judicial elections. He was the hand behind the candidacy of Christine Russo, who had so many skeletons in her closet that her house had to be rezoned as a cemetery. But the prosecutor doesn’t seem to care that he’s helping to make an already inept county bench that much worse. All he sees is a gateway into all those Metroparks patronage jobs – which, if he has his way, could soon be filled with the relatives of Democratic Party hacks. And if that happens, expect the Metroparks to soon resemble the rest of county government. Visit 10 years from now, and all you’ll find is one tree, a pond filled with hazardous waste, and Mason’s nephew leaning on a shovel. – Pete Kotz



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