Derek Anderson Pro Bowl-bound. But in Cleveland, that might not be enough


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The Moose from Scappoose is Pro Bowl bound.
Tom Brady had a rough weekend. His high ankle sprain, combined with a perfection-plundering upset by the Giants, is forcing him to skip the Pro Bowl. So instead of smearing sunscreen on Giselle’s shoulders on the beaches of Honolulu, he’ll be holed up somewhere in New York City, of all the places, listening to chants of “18-1.” But there’s more to Brady’s Pro Bowl pull-out than just wishing New York-style torture on a Michigan grad. Brady's decision to stay home means the Moose from Scappoose, Derek Anderson, will take his place on the AFC roster – and hopefully help solidify his place in Brown’s fans lager-logged hearts. ...
Why does Brady Quinn always misplace his shirt?
Yes, let us hope that Anderson’s Pro Bowl nod helps put to rest the debate over whether Brady Quinn should be the starter next August, as an alarming number of Browns fans seem to believe he should. Quinn, who's cheap to keep around anyway, threw eight passes last year; his greatest accomplishment was copying Anderson’s haircut. Meanwhile, Anderson did what no Cleveland quarterback has done in years: He didn’t completely suck. With help from an alarmingly competent offensive coordinator, he transformed the Browns' ’95-Dodge-Neon offense into that freakishly cool Audi from the Super Bowl ads, throwing for 3,787 yards and 29 touchdowns and going 10-5 as a starter. Besides, Anderson needs some well deserved McLovin’. It’s been 20 years since Bernie Kosar suited up for the Pro-Bowl, the last Brown QB ever selected to play in the game. Who cares that the level of intensity in this sleepy all-star game is somewhere between a Saturday-morning pick-up game and a Sunday-afternoon, golf-induced nap. The Pro Bowl appearance just might remind fans that a moose in the hand is better than a Notre Dame hunk whose penchant for shirtlessness is kinda starting to weird us out. – Bradley Campbell



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