Diversion of the Day: Bob Seger wonders how Cleveland is really doing


Bob Seger wants to know: How are you, Cleveland?
The Onion has posted a funny letter "from" classic-rocker Bob Seger to our fine city. The “Old Time Rock and Roll” dude ruminates on such things as “the encroaching threat of capitalism on small privately owned businesses,” the mortgage crisis, and other things that might be causing the old gal to lose sleep at night:
Just level with me, Cleveland: How are things actually going? I know it might feel weird opening up to a two-time Grammy Award–winning recording artist, but if you've got something you need to talk about, now is the time. Keeping it bottled up inside is just going to make things worse, believe me. Is anyone out there having trouble with their job or their relationship? Is it family? Family problems can be especially tough to open up about, but you can trust Bob Seger.
Yes, you can trust Bob. Go ahead. Open up. -- Michael Gallucci

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