Meet Dennis Kucinich, Super Delegate


He must have super powers if he nabbed such a babe for a wife, right?
With Super Tuesday and Average Wednesday behind us, and Clinton and Obama still running close to even, pundits and policy wonks are looking to the fair state of Ohio as the next big battleground primary. The Buckeye State has 162 delegates up for grabs, a big purse for either campaign. Of those delegates, 20 have special powers. They're called the Super Delegates. They lack any cool super powers, like mind venom. In fact, they’re quite boring: They’re comprised of elected officials and other party leaders. But – as excellently demonstrated on the Buckeye State Blog -- they're damn important in a close race, because they can vote for whatever candidate they want, regardless of who voters pick. ... Now typically, the Super Delegates vote for whichever candidate wins their district, to avoid pissing off their constituents. But one of our Super Delegates in Dennis Kucinich. And seeing as he spent the last year campaigning in Santa Cruz, you get the feeling he's not too worried about alienating the fine people of Cleveland's westside. And who knows? He may not even have a constituency to piss off by then, if his Hollywood gravy train dries up. So who will he pick? Well, Dennis is sort of an Obama Guy; at least that’s whom he urged his supporters to go with in Nevada. So he’s not likely voting for Clinton even if she wins his district. But more than that, Kucinich is a Kucinich Guy. So you never know, predict the folks at Buckeye State Blog. He just might vote for himself. And if he does that, he’ll prove how un-super a Super Delegate can be. – Bradley Campbell


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