It's all happening ... online: Journey launches Second Life life


It took Journey more than a quarter-century to find its proper place in history. And it had nothing to do with crappy power ballads or cheesy videos. No, the revelation came last year, when The Sopranos tapped the band’s 1981 lighter-flickin’ anthem “Don’t Stop Believin’” for its mind-fucking final scene. Frankly, we can’t stand Journey, but we’ve always kinda liked “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The Sopranos made us love it. ... Now Journey has entered the 21st century, securing its own little corner of online time-killer Second Life. Fans can hang out with tiny, pixilated versions of Steve Perry, Neal Schon, et al., who’ll treat underwear-clad computer nerds to virtual concerts, interviews, and more. Journey’s virtual island launched last week – you can find it listed as Journey Rock Band – and includes areas dedicated to each of the band’s albums, as well as two live venues, where virtual groupies can gather to chat about Steve Perry’s awesome hair. -- Michael Gallucci


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