A comeuppance for the superior dieter


Today marks a sad, sad day for smug lifetime dieters – at least the ones who smiled with a sense of superiority at their friends who dumped packets of real sugar into their cappuccinos. Today, these same people are sobbing into their zero-calorie coffees. Come to find out, sugar substitutes are actually more fattening than normal sugars, according to Time magazine… In a study by Purdue University, scientists found that our taste buds are not as dumb as we like to think they are. In the moments before you consume a sugary snack, your body starts to prepare for the anticipated deluge of calories. When those calories don’t arrive, the body balks. Later, they send out intense hunger signals. The study showed that people who consume food sweetened with sugar substitutes tend to eat more than their sugar-loving companions. Indeed, a University of Texas survey showed that for every can of diet soda a person drank each day, there was a 41 percent increased chance of gaining weight. – Rebecca Meiser


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