Cleveland cellist rocks the Grammys (we think), and Herbie Hancock wins (we swear)


We really couldn’t pick out Unsparing Sea’s cellist, Clevelander Tara Hanish Klein, who helped out on the Foo Fighters’ Grammy performance of their monster radio hit “The Pretender” last night. Then again, there were about 76 string players onstage. Maybe you have sharper eyes than us. The strings start swelling around the four-minute mark in the clip above. … Speaking of the Grammys, which has offered plenty of WTF? moments over the years – like, say, handing over a best New Artist award to someone who’s been recording for more than a decade – very few top last night’s Album of the Year honor, which went to Herbie Hancock’s River: The Joni Letters. Herbie Hancock? Really? We heard more than a thousand albums that were released in 2007 – including Kanye West’s Graduation and Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, both nominated in the same category and both terrific records. The Hancock CD – a tribute to old-fart icon Joni Mitchell – barely made a blip on our radar. And it didn’t sell any copies. So, really, Grammy voters: WTF? And they wonder why folks say the Grammys don’t matter. -- Michael Gallucci



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