Times: Clinton bid hinges on Ohio


From the New York Times: Expect Hillary Clinton's frosty mug to be making major googly eyes at you from your television in the coming weeks. Her camp says it'll all come down to Ohio (and Texas), if Clinton hopes to stage a comeback against Barack Obama, who is at present beating the pants suit off of her.
Mrs. Clinton will have “a major ad buy” through the next week in Wisconsin, a senior adviser said Monday, and spend a few days campaigning there. But this adviser and others said the bulk of her time would be devoted to campaigning in Ohio, Texas and a bit in Rhode Island. In a sign of Texas’s importance, she plans to fly there Tuesday, even though Wisconsin votes next week.
If the push in Ohio doesn't work -- well, not to get wonky on you, but she's, like, way screwed.
“They are looking way too much at Florida, Michigan and McCain, because all three won’t matter if she doesn’t blow Obama away in Texas and Ohio,” said a Democrat who is both a Clinton superdelegate and major donor, and who spoke on condition of anonymity to offer a candid assessment of campaign strategy. “Obama has momentum that has to be stopped by March 4.”
So: Welcome to Ohio, Hill. I hope your hubby finds the ladies to his liking. -- Joe P. Tone


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