Cleveland police sieze $1 million in pot, refuse to admit that our city's full of stoners


So much for that afternoon blunt. Cleveland Police Narcotics Unit announced yesterday that they've seized nearly $1 million worth of prime bud, hasheesh, purple thunder, golden sticky, Ken Kesey pick-me-ups, weed, marijuana ... The CPD teamed up with the DEA, East Cleveland, and Postal Inspectors to find the sweet, sweet cheeba. It signals a big win for, ummm, people who still believe weed is the gateway to cocaine and crime, rather than the gateway to a high score on Grand Tourismo. ... The coppers displayed their catch yesterday at the CPD headquarters downtown. Later, spokesman Thomas Stacho told C-Notes it was a big bust for the squad, the Cleveland Police Narcotics Unit’s third 600-plus pound seizure since September 2007. When C-Notes asked if this meant that Clevelanders’ really, really like pot, Stacho politely told us to have a nice day and hung up on us. Sheesh. Willy Nelson wouldn’t have done that. Stacho also would not confirm exactly what type of weed they seized. He only noted that it came from the West Coast. But C-Notes hopes it was at least something organic, like Humbolt County Gold. After all, the health of region’s our pot-smokers are at stake. In a related police press release, Mayor Frank Jackson said that “no drug trafficker should feel safe bringing this poison into our city.” It seems that Jackson isn’t a fan of the Caribbean's favorite plant, even though he’s a fan of Wyclef Jean, who sources say was last un-stoned in 1998. Three were arrested in association with the seize -- two Jamaicans and one Clevelander. No word if other illicit substances were found in the home, like Hot and Spicy Porks Rinds. – Bradley Campbell


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