Tony Rizzo's Air Rizzy shoe, the ugliest thing in the history of footwear, up for auction


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Let’s say that you really want to step on Bill Martin’s face, maybe because he makes bags and bags of cash, or his perfectly coifed hair annoys you, or you’re just a big Ted Henry guy. Let’s additionally say that you are a huuuuuge fan of wooly bears. You love the little critters, and can never find enough wooly-related accessories for the summer months. Also, you love shoes. And you really love Cleveland sports. And you happen to have $5,000 sitting in your PayPal account. There’s literally only one pair of shoes for you. ... Designed and produced by WJW Fox 8 and local radio host Tony Rizzo, the Air Rizzy 800 is a one of a kind shoe that combines all the aforementioned elements into, well, a monstrosity. The shoes are up for auction on Ebay, with all the proceeds going to charity. At the moment, the top bid is $4,350, approximately $4,349 more than it should be, and the auction doesn’t end until February 26th! Here’s Bill Martin’s face on the sole, the wooly bear on the side, and an array of Cleveland sports-inspired designs. I’m not opening my checkbook until they put Melissa Mack on the shoe’s tongue. -- Vince Grzegorek


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