Drinks to keep you warm on a cold winter's day


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As temperatures shrink down into the single digits, and our breath freezes the moment it leaves our mouths, the last thing anyone wants to do is leave their house. But who says Clevelanders have to be miserable, or sans fabulous drinks, while curled up in flannel pajamas? So we contacted a few local mixologists to scam the recipes for a few delicious options hot beverages… From Michael Solomon, the head mixologist at Boulevard Blue: Drink 1:chocolate kisses Line a couple of Hershey’s kisses in the bottom of a mug Add ¾ cup of steamed milk Top with espresso Add 1.5 oz of Stoli Vanilla Drink 2: The Dirty Girl Scout 2 scoops of hot chocolate ½ ounce crème de menthe mint stick From the bar tenders at D’Vine Wine Barhttp://dvinewinebar.com/: Hot Chocolate Almond ½ shot butterscotch schnapps ½ shot amaretto hot chocolate From the staff at Lopez Bar and Grille http://www.pluggedincleveland.com/restaurants/1105+lopez+bar+grille.html The Flying Lopez Coffee ¼ shot baileys ¼ shot brandy patron citroge – then, bar tenders at Lopez, suggest setting fire to the drink How’s that for a toasty drink?



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