Derrick? Darrik? Derek? Anderson!


Browns QB Darrick Anderson. Or is it Derek?
For all the talk recently about Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson, you’d think he’s closer to being the best gas station attendant in all of Scappoose, Oregon, than an NFL-caliber starter. Cleveland fans -- enamored by Brady Quinn’s quasi-mannish good looks and 16 snaps in a regular season game – seem determined to jettison the District Attorney for the Notre Dame darling. A small info-graphic in this morning’s Plain Dealer sports page helps make DA’s case. ... With under two years of starting experience, he ranks near the top of almost every single-season record in the history of the franchise. His 3,787 passing yards is only behind the tallies of Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar, and he came one touchdown away from tying Sipe’s single season mark of 30 TD tosses. For all those grumbling about DA’s propensity to sling the ball around the field with the reckless abandon of a drunken pop star, note that Otto Graham and Sipe each threw more interceptions in a season (24 and 26, respectively) than DA did in his first full year (19). Yeah, Anderson doesn’t really have much competition when it comes to the last two decades of utterly abhorent QBs who have donned the brown and orange. It’d be easy to say that anyone would look good compared to Tim Couch, Jeff Garcia, and Kelly Holcomb. But it’s different to say that DA looks good – pretty damn good, actually -- when compared with Kosar, Sipe, and Graham, Cleveland’s triumverant of quarterbacking majesty. Then again, something else about the PD’s handy little graphic made C-Notes believe Anderson may not get the respect he deserves after all: They listed Derek Anderson as Derrick Anderson -- every time. And unless they’re referring to this guy, this guy, or this guy – all of whom I’m sure would be surprised to know that they ever played professional football – the paper should probably be more mindful of how they spell the Browns’ record-threatening quarterback’s name. -- Vince Grzegorek


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