Pay no attention to that rig at Golden Gate Plaza


In case you’re worried about that giant drill boring into the asphalt at Golden Gate Plaza in Mayfield Heights, rest assured: It’s supposed to be there. The owners of the mall, just like the well-heeled residents of Gates Mills before them, have discovered dollar signs beneath the smooth surface of their parking lot. They’re drilling for natural gas... “It’s happening quite frequently in that area,” says Joseph Carrino, a spokesman for RMS Investment Corp., which manages the strip mall. He points out that there’s been drilling at the nearby Knollwood Cemetery, and the City of Mayfield Heights is considering putting a well in a city park. So shoppers shouldn’t be ruffled by a little disturbance at Golden Gate. Sure, it’s annoying today with all that noise, but Carrino says the whole process will be finished in about a month. When it’s over, the well head will occupy just one parking space -- landscaped and fenced, of course. As for the gas, Carrino says it will be pumped directly to Dominion, and proceeds will be divided between Forest City, which owns the shopping center, the drilling company, and “affiliates.” Happy drilling! – Lisa Rab


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