Akron’s Highland Square Theater hosts debate party tonight


Akronites without tickets for tonight’s Democratic presidential debate at Cleveland State need not worry about spending another lonely night with a pixilated Anderson Cooper. The historic Highland Square Theater will be hosting a debate watch party tonight for free! Sure, you won’t be sharing the same rarified air with Obama and Hillary, but is $2,000 really worth a night in some bleachers with a shitty view? Free snacks will also be provided, so you can spend your last 10 bucks at the theater’s well-stocked bar. C-Notes suggests the vodka-spiked blue Slushies. Not only do they pack a punch, but they’re also kinda apropos, no? Doors open at 7:30 p.m., giving you approximately an hour and a half to get buzzed before the shit talking ensues. For those who don’t feel like dedicating their evening to a bunch of talking heads, don’t worry. You probably won’t miss much. Just watch the above video for quick synopsis of how the evening will likely go. – Denise Grollmus

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