Cleveland's Waterloo neighborhood: Now there's a marketing slogan


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Cleveland neighborhoods like to market their individuality. But it’s hard to come up with slogans that don’t sound like they were swiped from the back pages of Sunset. Detroit-Shoreway calls itself “Exciting. Urban. Historic.” Coventry boasts of “one-quarter mile of something for everyone...” So lesser-known Waterloo, the East Side neighborhood near the Beachland Ballroom, is taking a fresher, more Cleveland-centric approach. “We decided that our tag line would talk shit about other neighborhoods,” says Steve Brown, operator of the Shoparooni clothing store. “Clevelanders are the sort of people who love to talk shit. We figured we’d just embrace the culture.” Among the slogans under development: “Waterloo: Just like West 6th. … but with less khaki.” “Waterloo: Unlike Coventry. … we won’t ticket you.” “Visit Waterloo: Because your car’s already been stolen in Tremont.” – Bradley Campbell



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