Tales from the Debate: Is that you Mike Wallace?


Mike Wallace is a bad ass ...
8:40 P.M., THE MEDIA WORK ROOM -- I can’t be sure, but from where I’m standing, it looks as if … yes! … Mike Wallace, the don of 60 Minutes, just walked out of the elevator. He is surrounded by an entourage of six, four of whom are slender blond women, because that’s how Mike Wallace rolls, yo. ... As he walks into the file room, other hacks move out of the way, and Wallace glides through them with the swagger of a take-no-shit mob boss. But Wallace sits in the file room and watches the debate the same way all the other hundreds of hacks do: on one of 12 television screens and 2 large projectors. He eats the same chocolate brownies as everyone else. But he chews methodically, like any veteran reporter should. After the debate, Wallace walks around the spin room like one of the candidates. He talks to colleagues and signs autographs. Seeing an opening, I make my move, and cautiously approach one of the blonds in his entourage. "Hey, what's it like to be part of Mike Wallace's entourage?" The blond looks at me and scrunches her eyebrows together. Then she laughs.
... but not as bad-ass as bad-ass Steve Kroft.
"That's not Mike Wallace,” she answers. “It's Steve Kroft." "But he walked out of the elevator like the Godfather. That has to be Mike Wallace." "Sorry, but at least you got the right television show. And to answer the question, he's wonderful to work with." -- Bradley Campbell

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