Tales from the Debate: It's those damn Internets fault!


11:40 P.M., THE SPIN ROOM -- Doug Hattaway, the former national spokesman for Al Gore in the 2000 presidential campaign, stands alone amongst the crowd of reporters. A CSU student is holding a sign above his head, but unlike David Axelrod, Obama's hired mouth, no one pays Hattaway much attention. Hattaway now makes his living now as a consultant for politicians, and as an analyst for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. He's been hired by the Clinton campaign this season. And it turns out he's a pretty funny dude. ... "You what's the main difference between 2000 and 2008? The Internet. Remember, that thing that Gore invented. ... During the 2000 election we had only, like, three guys on the campaign running the website. And their only goal was to just make sure not to screw up. The campaigns now have to go 24-7. We had our staff reading the blogs during the debate to see what they were talking about so that we knew what to prepare for before coming into [the spin room] to answer questions. “It's so much different. Shit, now we raise around a million dollars a day on our website. We have an entire media staff dedicated to it. It's pretty amazing." After this brief moment of honest, unfettered discussion, Hattaway slowly drifts off into canned sound bites, perhaps realizing he is being interviewed by something called C-Notes. He looks away, gazing at Axelrod, longingly. -- Bradley Campbell


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