Tales from the Debate: The Obama-Farrakhan Question


10:45 P.M., THE SPIN ROOM -- Time to break down the debate. Speaking on WKYC-3, Dan Moulthrop, the host of 90.3 WCPN's Sound of Ideas, says he thought Tim Russert’s question about Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement of Obama was the most interesting part of the night. "You were able to watch Obama think in real time," Moulthrop says. C-Notes humbly disagrees. The most interesting part of the night wasn't Obama's answer to Tim Russert's question, but was the actual question that Russert asked Obama. It went something like this: "So this preacher guy who sort of gave you a quote that you used for the title of your book likes Louis Farrakhan. So that makes you an anti-semite by default. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but trust me, I’m from Buffalo. Barack, why do hate Jews? Go Bills!" Another Schlitz, Mr. Russert? -- Bradley Campbell


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