Calling all sneaker addicts: come scrap over kicks at “Cleveland’s Got Sole” shoe summit


To most Clevelanders, sneakers are those things that protect your feet from dog crap and syringes. But to a select, slightly demented few, sneakers are life itself. I believe the term is “sneakerheads” — people so devoted to the collection of sneakers (usually Nikes) that the most extreme will wait in lines for days, fly to Japan, or pay thousands on eBay for a limited pair. These are the maniacs responsible for what the New York Post dubbed the “Sneaker Riot," where thugs stalked a Manhattan sneaker boutique during a release of Nike “Pigeon Dunks,” and strong-armed shoppers as they emerged with the shoes, which would sell from $2,000 and up on eBay. On Saturday, the obsession will descend on little Independence. ... “Cleveland’s Got Sole,” a “shoe summit and showcase," will be held at the Holiday Inn there (6001 Rockside). Sneakerheads will buy, trade, and sell the objects of their desire. Admission is $5. Gameworn LeBrons will be raffled, with proceeds going to the Finish Line Youth Foundation. If you’ve ever discussed a limited sneaker release date on Hypebeast, posted a photo of your shoes on Niketalk, or wept gently into your vintage Pumps while watching the documentary Just for Kicks, your presence is mandatory. – Gus Garcia-Roberts

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