Michael Kaminski tries to rob video store with cologne bottle


Our hero apparently got his ass kicked in a failed robbery attempt
There was a time when Michael Kaminski was making headlines as the guitarist of Cop Shoot Cop, an NYC three-piece whose dark, jazzy dirges landed them spots on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and tours with Iggy Pop. Now Kaminski is simply getting ink for being a total idiot. Today, The Akron Beacon Journal reports that 41-year-old Kaminski, who now lives in Akron, was charged with aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon after he tried to rob a Highland Square video store… But that’s not even the good part. Turns out that Kaminski’s weapon of choice was a gun-shaped Stetson cologne bottle. He even painted the bottle’s handle black to make it look more convincing. A video store employee was outside smoking a cigarette when Kaminski brandished the bottle and told the guy to head inside. A worker from a neighboring store saw the incident and decided to tackle Kaminski, breaking his bottle and dousing Kaminski in the “legendary fragrance of the American West.” Judging by his booking photo, Kaminksi got a serious beating, which will probably appease many Akron scenesters. Ever since Kaminski returned to Akron, he’s earned a reputation within the music scene for borrowing people’s equipment, only to sell it at pawnshops. – Denise Grollmus


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