Aloha, Black Keys among local bands headed to South by Southwest


Akron's The Black Keys are headed to Austin's South by Southwest.
Next week, pretty much everyone who makes a living off the music industry will be in Austin for the annual South by Southwest music festival. We’ll be there too, drinking, listening to music, drinking, and writing, hopefully, for your sake, not in that order. To get you as geeked as we are, here’s a quick rundown on five of our favorite local bands making the trip. ... Aloha: The group’s latest EP, Light Works, glides along the Shins’ delicate indie-pop, passes through Arcade Fire’s space-hogging arrangements, and eventually settles into post-rock mind-fuckery. The Black Keys: Akron’s best two-man band has a new CD coming out next month. Danger Mouse – the dude behind The Grey Album and one-half of Gnarls Barkley – produces. It’s called Attack & Release, and it will almost assuredly rock. The Deadbeat Poets: On their own, these four Youngstown rockers have gigged in plenty of bands over the past couple of decades, playing everything from Stonesy rock and roll to chewy power-pop to nut-twisting punk (one of the guys played with a post-Dead Boys Stiv Bators). Together, they sound like all of their influences rolled into one. Gil Mantera’s Party Dream: Another Youngstown group, this electronics-lovin’ duo is like one of the freakiest dance parties you’ve ever been invited to. Gil and Ultimate Donny are pretty funky for white guys, especially when they haul out their vocoder. Kate Voegele: The Bay Village singer-songwriter has been all over the place lately. She’s popped up in iTune ads, in the pages of USA Today, and on the tween drama One Tree Hill, where she stars as a singer-songwriter. Voegele’s debut album, Don’t Look Away, is loaded with sweet songs about falling in and out of love. -- Michael Gallucci


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