Shawn Kemp still has fans? WTF?


Former Cav Shawn Kemp is known for his supertastic dunking ability, a penchant for booze and blow, and his prolific creation of fatherless children. But Kemp’s official website,, seems to recall his legacy differently. ... The forum section, C-Notes has accidentally learned, is filled with almost daily activity, most of which focuses on Kemp’s potential return to the NBA. Finding out that Shawn Kemp still has fans is a little befuddling, sort of like the time Shawn Kemp realized that people still used condoms. But it’s true. Over the last few days, commenters have tackled the age-old question of whether or not Kemp will ever delight his fans by seeking a comeback in the NBA. Behold:
Alexrows: now with yao out, the rockets seem like the most natural fit. they need another big man and shawn lives and trains there so... who knows? Blaziny: sk its like over.....i sorry but this is it!! Anonymous: if you have nothing nice to say ,why even come on here? Blaziny: i sad ha ha cuz i dont belive....i m tired about this return...i want sk back … but ... my hope is gone
Precisely the sort of on-point commentary readers of have come to expect , Blaziny. Well said. – Vince Grzegorek


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