With newest flier, Joe Cimperman, "Democract For Congress," loses fourth-grade spelling teacher vote


With tomorrow's primary looming, all eyes of the 10th District are on Joe Cimperman as his campaign to oust incumbent Dennis Kucinich reaches a fever pitch, and the downtown Councilman dwindles his coffers by leaving stacks of fresh fliers throughout the district. The newest flier (above) looks good at first glance, featuring photos documenting the average day of a Cleveland councilman (counterclockwise from upper left: describing the future to Ambiguous Race Guy, explaining to local cop why he should beat Ambiguous Race Guy less often, empathizing with Poor Seniors about the price of Thorazine, reading a storybook to Little Kids on a Stoop, welcoming Middle-Class Mixed-Race Family to the neighborhood, assuring Concerned Rich White Family that arrival of Mixed-Race family is not a portent of things to come). It’s all quite professional — except for the giant announcement on the lower-right corner announcing Cimperman as the “Democract for Congress”. He may have lost the valuable copy-editor vote with that one. In more important news, find your polling place here. -- Gus Garcia-Roberts


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