Zack Reed goes to Dubai; will lecture and hopefully meet princess


Zack Reed will be looking good and raising hell
Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed is planning to head overseas at the end of this month to dispense his wisdom on people who could really use it: the residents of Dubai. The desert city — which Reed dubs the “Las Vegas of the World” -- is hosting a conference on city development. The company organizing it, London-based Marcus Evans, first invited Reed to speak about crime. But now he wants to address a much more important issue: decent wages for Dubai’s legions of foreign workers… With all the construction going on in the oil-rich town, migrant workers imported from South Asia are famously underpaid and forced to live in cramped, desert camps. Granted, Cleveland doesn’t even have enough jobs to exploit people over, but Reed plans to give Dubai officials hell anyway. “I’m just gonna go right at ’em,” he says. They might grumble that he has no idea what he’s talking about, he notes, but “ya’ll see that suit he got on?” Reed says he’ll pay for the plane ticket out of his own money, not city coffers (Marcus Evans will pick up the tab once he gets there). And the bachelor councilman is looking forward to his Middle Eastern vacation. He says he might meet an Arab princess and never come home. That’s the Zack Reed we know and love. – Lisa Rab


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