CSU Vikings win 20 games, have shot in conference tourney. Huh?


Hot damn. The Cleveland State Men’s Basketball team won their 20th game on Saturday. This hasn’t happened since the 1992 season, back when B.I.G. still rapped with Bone Thugs. The Vikings are guaranteed a semi-final slot in the Horizon League tourney, which puts them two wins away from a trip to the Big Dance. And while an early winning streak had fans dreaming of a Horizon League title, a 20-win season by itself is somewhat ridiculous. ... The Vikings were picked by coaches and media to place second-to-last in their league. And they almost threw away all their hopes with six straight losses in the middle of the season. The team is successfully fighting off a fetid history filled with death, armed robbery, hookers, and blow. C-Notes understands that cheering for the CSU b-ball squad is difficult, with its storied history of suckitude and the fact that life-long Clevelanders still can’t find the damn campus. But trust us: the team is composed of fighters, scrappy kids who find a way, usually through defense and rebounding, to piece together wins. They also routinely beat the point spread, which is good if you have gambling problem. The tournament semis and finals will be held this Saturday in Indiana, at Butler University’s Hinkle Fieldhouse, the place where they filmed Hoosiers. Tip-off is at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, so heckle your bartender to change the station from Cops to ESPNU, and blow your norse horn loud. – Bradley Campbell


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