Hold on to your Olds: Rash of car thefts in Ohio City


You know times are tough when thieves start coveting an ’85 Olds. But even such AARP rides are not safe in Ohio City these days. The latest safety report from the neighborhood’s development corporation reveals a rash of car thefts in February — a dozen to be exact. The list of disappearing vehicles includes everything from the ’85 Olds swiped from West 29th and Detroit to a ’06 Camry, which disappeared from the West Side Market parking lot at 8 a.m. on a Saturday. What kind of thug is awake at 8 a.m.? “Often they’re stolen for transportation, or they need a car to commit crimes,” explains Bob Shores, safety coordinator for the development corp. “If they’re only driving it a few miles, they don’t care.” Shore says second district cops are addressing the problem, assigning patrols to certain hot spots, and inspecting garages, running VIN checks on parts. In the meantime, be sure not to leave any shopping bags visible in the back seat of your ’86 Nissan. – Lisa Rab


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