No snow plows yesterday; Cleveland back to normal


Last week, when the political rail jockeys and TV Gods came to town, the city of Cleveland stunned residents by efficiently plowing streets the night of the Clinton-Obama debate. You could actually see the (highly potholed) roads. It was premeditated, according to Andrea Taylor, a spokesperson for Mayor Frank Jackson. “We know how important this debate is to the city,” she told The Plain Dealer. “We’re going to pay special attention to all of downtown with all of the activity that’s going on…” But now that our fifteen minutes of fame have passed, things are back to normal. Last night – on election day, no less – there was no sign of plows downtown, with enough snow to pretend we were in Alaska. The RTA shut down, and the bus lines were running an hour behind schedule. But at least we looked pretty on television last week! – Rebecca Meiser


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