Reader: There are hipsters in Cleveland. They just don't fit into skinny jeans


Indie Rock Singles Night, an event for hipsters, lacked a key ingredient: hipsters.
For this week's Scene, resident hipster Bradley Campbell slipped into his skinniest jeans and Subarued his way to the Beachland, for Indie Rock Singles Night. He was searching for love, or at least someone to ride the bus with. But he struck out looking. Why? Some commenters seem to think it was his pick-up lines ("Can I borrow your pants?"), but reader Nate thinks Campbell might just be mis-reading Cleveland hipsters:
"Quick thing to know, which you almost got right; Clevelanders love music, but most of them refuse to advertise their specific proclivities by way of fashion. Sure, you can spot a throwback punk, or greaser a mile away, but just because we tend to be on the hearier side and can't fit into our little sister's pants doesn't mean we don't love to rock out to some obscure weird music. Isn't a little weird that most 'hipsters' gauge their own hip factor internally, and constantly? Wouldn't it be more cool (or deck) to not care, and do your thing? Just saying. Anyways, welcome to Cleveland. I got out and I'm enjoying the warm weather in Houston, sans introverted hipster sense."
To judge for yourself, read "Singled Out" in this week's Scene, and check out photos from the event at


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