Cleveland's power brokers take a turn at high fashion


Judge Joan Synenberg: Babe of the Cuyahoga County bench
Last night, Cleveland’s most fashionable people gathered at The Club at Key Center to watch city power brokers strut down a makeshift runway in the name of good taste – and charity. Proceeds from the $100 a ticket event went to the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. Judge Joan Synenberg pranced down the aisle in an Escada canary yellow silk blouse with puffed sleeves and a slinky brown silk skirt. At the end of the runway, she turned on one high-heeled pedicured foot, and strutted back, hand on hip. “I want to thank all the professional models for performing. Otherwise we’d all look like a bunch of amateurs,” she said, lying… Other officials weren’t quite so natural. Karen Dolan, the tall, thin wife of Indians owner Larry Dolan, looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa as she wobbled down the runway in towering Prada mules. She glared at the announcer, who mistakenly called her husband “Kevin.” Oops. And Judge Dick Ambrose looked a bit uncomfortable in a gingham button down with a Louis Vuitton handkerchief square sticking out of his jacket pocket. It’s a “little preppier” than my normal everyday wear, he joked. The best thing about those judge’s robes is that they cover fashion faux pas. Michael Cardamone, host of Good Company, was draped in a Juicy Couture graphic t-shirt, a one-strap mailman bag, and navy jogging pants. At the end of the runway, he smiled gamefully, but later seemed rather self conscious. “Did I look like a woman in those clothes?” he asked a group of women, not waiting for a response. “I did, didn’t I?” There was a polite pause. “You looked very, um, European,” one of the girls replied. Cardamone didn’t look appeased. – Rebecca Meiser

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