An Indians jukebox to melt the snow away before Opening Day


If you attended Opening Day last year, this picture probably doesn’t surprise you at all. The only question come March 31 will be how much snow will be on the ground when the Indians take the field to open the 2008 campaign. With 87 feet of snow still on the ground, it’s hard to think about spring, let alone baseball. But the latter is only 21 days away. C-Notes is here to help with an Indians jukebox (with video!) to get you in the mood. ... Track No. 1: “It’s Tribe Time Now” Not my favorite tune, but it’s what the team uses now, so we’ll roll with it. Track No. 2: “Again Tonight" It’s the John Mellencamp song played at the Prog – we’re gonna make that nickname happen if it kills us -- after home wins the last two years. It’s a trend I hope the team continues this year, and just because of the pure poetry of the lyrics: “hump the moon, again tonight,” and “girls got lightning underneath her skirt, boys try to touch it for whatever it’s worth”. Track No. 3: A trio of our favorite Indians songs all in one video. “Talkin’ Tribe,” the absolute best Indians song ever, indellibly etched in every fan’s memory. “Indians Fever,” the throwback, catchy tune from the 70s. And finally, “My Town,” by Michael Stanley, the hometown mullet with the most. Track No. 4: The golden voice of Tom Hamilton. The best announcer in the big leagues. The vocal chords of a God, if God was a little more of a homer. There’s a reason my girlfriend wears headphones not only at the game, but also in bed. Hammy makes everything better. -- Vince Grzegorek


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